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Paul Cooper
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Helping Toronto families since 2011.

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Paul Cooper Family Law is a family law firm consisting of professionals dedicated to representing clients in or outside of Court. We all share the view that prioritizing the best interests of children is a paramount objective. We believe in any family law matter, the right strategic approach must be tailored to each case, and no ‘one size fits all’ strategy is helpful. Some cases require a firm and aggressive approach, while other cases may require a more nuanced and compassionate approach. No two people are the same, all families are unique, and all family law matters must be treated this way. We provide services in all aspects of family law, including Children’s Aid Society and all child protection matters, as well as domestic family law issues involving custody and access issues, child support, spousal support, and property issues including resolving issues relating to the Matrimonial Home, and equalization. Lastly, where settlement is possible, we are happy to negotiate and draft marriage contracts or separation agreements, or provide independent legal advice on any agreement that may already have been reached.

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We are aware that oftentimes, we are helping you through the most difficult time in your lives, and we take that responsibility seriously, and in a compassionate manner. In family legal disputes, clients’ emotions tend to run high especially in cases involving abuse, or adultery. As lawyers exclusively dedicated to the practice of family law, we emphasize the value of a deep knowledge of the law, but also the importance of maintaining good ‘people skills’, which is critical in assisting all clients when navigating through the complex legal realities of transitioning families. We also strongly believe in helping people access justice, as such, we accept Legal Aid certificates, and we also negotiate reduced hourly rates and payment plans for individuals who make too much to qualify for Legal Aid, but not enough to be able to afford sustaining a lawyer throughout their case. If you would like to schedule a time to discuss your matter, please submit a Request through the contact form located on the bottom of the page, and someone from our office will be in touch.

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